Shiba Inu: A Temperament To Take Note Of

Shiba's From A Different ShadeThe spitz breeds of dogs from Japan consist of the Shiba Inu. These dogs are the smallest of this type and are very agile, mainly because they grew up in and were designed for mountain terrain. Additionally, these types of dogs were bred for hunting, which is why the Shiba Inu temperament is one you have to pay close attention to. If you are not aware of how this dog behaves then you may find yourself overwhelmed with this animal. While for the most part they are friendly and loving, allowing a Shiba Inu to get too comfortable with being hyper and energetic can lead to disaster in your home.

Male Shiba Inus grow to be about a total of 22 pounds, while females typically grow to about 18 pounds in size. The color of their coat can be anywhere from black and tan to a shade of red or white. These dogs can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years of age. Many of the females produce about 3 different puppies when giving birth. While they originally come from Japan, these dogs can now be found all over the world.

For the most part the Shiba Inu temperament is that of an independent animal. They do not rely on others too much, and can even show a bit of aggression to prove its independence. The females are primarily more independent and aggressive than the males. For the most part it is recommended to keep the Shiba Inu around other small dogs, and they can even cope well with cats. It’s a good idea to take this into consideration when deciding on whether or not you want to add a Shiba Inu to your home. Many people make the mistake of introducing a Shiba Inu to a home with a big dog and the two clash with one another causing a great deal of tension in the home.

Shiba Inus love kidsThese dogs interact well with people, especially small children. The only time the aggressive side comes out of the Shiba Inu is when it feels threatened. Because of the possibility of forming aggression, it is recommended to raise a Shiba Inu from a young age. By teaching this dog proper obedience when they are first growing up they will respond to your commands and understand when it is proper for them to be aggressive or not. Many people mistake a bad Shiba Inu for one that is simply not trained properly. If necessary, take these dogs to obedience training in order to socialize them properly. The Shiba Inu temperament will change the more it interacts with other dogs and the less anxiety it generates in general. It does take time to be able to socialize some Shiba Inus, so practice patience when making an attempt to get this dog familiar with others. As far as interacting with humans, you should also take the dog out to see other people so that it does not become frightened or alarmed when visitors come to your home. Start by inviting neighbors and other guests over to help slowly socialize the Shiba Inu with other humans. When you are ready you can take the dog out to explore the world and see how people interact in general.

You will often find that Shiba Inu’s are conscious of their appearance and want to maintain a clean body. These dogs usually lick their paws and legs in order to clean themselves. Therefore, it is wise to assist the dog and clean it regularly to help it feel at ease. When the Shiba Inu feels too dirty they can become agitated and move around a lot. Wash and brush the animal regularly to help get the dirt off its back. If you do not maintain your Shiba Inu’s appearance and give your animal a clean hygiene it may start rolling around on its back.

These dogs are easy to housebreak because of its clean nature. Just as you would potty train other dogs, start at an early age to help the dog understand when and where it is fine to use the restroom. As long as you teach it when it is fine to properly use the restroom you should have no problems with the animal from destroying your home. What’s good for you is that many of these puppies are so smart they will eventually housebreak themselves, making it easy to manage a puppy once it has grown to a certain age. All you mainly need to do is provide a place for your Shiba Inu to nap and use the restroom after all of its meals and it will take care of its business on its own.

Shiba Inu Playing in MudShiba Inus are unique in the sense that they are playful and do not mind getting a bit dirty. They have been known to play and roll around in puddles, even though after they like to lick their paws and try to clean their bodies. When alarmed, the dogs may also make a loud and high-pitched scream, known as the “Shiba Scream“. Hearing this type of scream can be an indication that you are not treating it properly, and that you need to change your method of discipline when interacting with it. It is not rare for this animal to produce a similar tone of voice when they are overwhelmed with joy or excitement. The Shiba Inu will produce a high-pitched voice when their owner returns from a trip after an extended period of time. The dog may also produce this high-pitched sound when they see a guest they naturally enjoy. Keep an eye on the animal to catch on to how it reacts in certain situations to get an idea of your dog’s temperament. Use your best judgement to gauge the happiness of your dog. Smother your dog with love and make it feel welcome in your home to ensure it is happy. These dogs are smart and can be great companions if you raise them properly, so enjoy your time with your dog and build lasting memories for years to come.

If you would like to see how quickly the temperament of a Shiba Inu can change, please watch the video below. It begins with two Shiba’s licking and loving on each other and at the 2:47 mark of the video the dogs turn vicious on each other.

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