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Truth in a quote about dogsThe Shiba Inu breed is known to be the smallest out of six distinct and original breeds from the country Japan. In addition, this breed is considered to be ancient and has ancestors that date back to 300 to 400 B.C. This breed was first introduced into the U.S in the year 1954 and was first recognized in 1993 by the “American Kennel Club”. These dogs may appear to be cute and cuddly. However, they are not suitable for everyone and should be fully researched before making the commitment to invest in one.

Shiba Inu Rescue Organizations

Most organizations for Shiba Inu rescue provide what is known as courtesy listings for Shiba Inus who are in need of a loving and new home. Any of these dogs that are adopted from the courtesy listing will need to be neutered or spayed before adoption and become the responsibility of the person who is adopting the dog. These listings are provided by individual, private Shiba Inu owners who are looking to re-home their dog, rescue groups for all breeds, independent rescuers and Shiba rescue organizations.

How to Find a Legitimate Shiba Inu Rescue Organization

With the up rise and increase of certain types of social media, rescues throughout the country has resulted in the saving, placing and drawing much needed attention to animals in need. Unfortunately, this same social media have additionally given way to con artists and scams who attempt to swindle animal lovers out of their money. The same way one should scrutinize a breeder or pet shop, adequate research should be done before adopting or donating from a Shiba Inu Housed in RescueShiba Inu rescue organization.

It may be difficult to determine whether a rescue group is a scam or is genuinely legitimate, especially when the right words or advertising is used. Some organizations may claim they are a rescue group, in order to get money out of unsuspecting animal lovers. In addition, any individual can start up a website for a rescue group. Some of these individuals may have good intentions, but may not be able to manage and operate an ongoing operation for rescues. This can include not being able to provide the right medical care or they could be using dangerous or the wrong types of training methods.

In order to determine the authenticity of a rescue organization before adopting or donating. Here are a few tips to follow:

Indications of the Right Type of Shiba Inu Rescue Organization

Veterinarian Shiba Inu– Local veterinarians or trainers have mentored or worked with them.

– Other rescue organizations will either know about them or recommended them. Rescue organizations that deal with breed specific animals are generally joined to a national network with regular communication and participation in discussions on the plight and betterment of a specific breed.

– The organization is realistic and honest. If the organization claims that the temperament of every rescue dog can be dealt with love, they are either naive or a scam. Any type of dog is capable of being aggressive or biting and rescuers understand that every dog has a unique character. Legitimate rescuers may even “talk you out” of a specific breed in explaining the accurate assessment and any issues that can arise.

– The organization will be transparent. They are able to provide quantifiable numbers for the animals they may have helped in the past which will include factors such as financial aid, courtesy listings or fostering. They will be able to show the money that has been used to foster or treat Shiba Inus in their care. Other transparent factors will include being able to find about dogs that were either adopted, transferred to another group or if any animals died before they were adopted along with reasons why.

– They are able to provide proof that all animals in their care are up to date with vaccinations, are heartworm tested and have been seen to a professional veterinarian before they are placed into a new home. Any health records as well as related paperwork will be provided to the new owner upon adoption.

– The organization will always neuter or spay pets well before placement, or they will only adopt out the animal with a contract that ensures the new owner will have the animal neutered or spayed.

– Legitimate Shiba Inu rescue organizations will test their foster dogs for temperament in order to make the right placement. This means they work extremely carefully with the dog in order to match him to a suitable home. They are also not afraid to refuse an adoption, when the situation is not suitable for the dog.

– These organizations will prioritize working alongside owner surrenders and shelters in their specified regions first. Reputable groups will not join up with a highly publicized rescue that will jeopardize the local animals in the area.

Dog Rescued MeWhen a rescue has been completed in the correct manner, it can be exhausting but rewarding, with a bit of heartache. Rescue operations are expensive and it costs a lot to provide injured, sick, neglected or abandoned animals with the right amount of care. In addition, other costs involved include transportation, toys, shelter, care and daily food needs until the animal is adopted. Most Shiba Inu rescue organizations run on compassion and a limited budget and rely on continuous funding to survive. For groups or individuals who are scam artists or have limited skills in running a rescue operation, they are taking money from the honest and legitimate groups.

While Shiba Inus are waiting to be adopted rescue organizations will assess the animal with public situations, cats, other dogs, children, men and women. This assists the rescue organization in placing the dog into the right situation and home. Each dog that is adopted out will receive:

– Neuter or spay surgery

– De-worming

– Preliminary vaccinations

– Microchip

– Dental cleaning

Potential owners will usually need to agree to the organization making a home visit before the animal is adopted. Some organizations recommend a training program to ensure the dog is placed successfully into his new home.

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