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National Shiba Club of America

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  1. Abra

    My 2 yr old Shiba has become obsessed with nipping/biting a 1 yr old pug @ the park.
    My shiba, is very socialized at the park: she mostly likes to chase and be chased. She prefers feisty fun and she’s very vocal. Suddenly, 2 weeks ago, a little pug appears, my shiba stops her play to go after this dog. The owner picked her pug up, but my dog nipped her in the back, causing bleeding. She has never done this to any other dog at the park. Only this ONE dog. She’s very energetic, so maybe she was inviting play? But in her enthusiasm, she “overnipped”? Well, the pug’s owner doesn’t understand and wants me to muzzle or ecollar my dog. I won’t. I go to this park regularly for two years. Longer than this owner. Any adivice?

    • ShibaAdvisor

      Hi Abra! Thanks for your message. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. The holidays are a crazy time of year around here.
      Your question is a good one and I believe the best way I can help you is by directing you toward a helpful video regarding this issue:

      Let me know what you think and how your Shiba responds.
      All the best!


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